• Distributed multi-sensor processing within the UDRC research programme.
  • Demonstration of Advanced Distributed Tracking Algorithms in collaboration with BAE Systems ATC and University College London.
  • Multi-sensor Registration for Passive Sensors
  • Generic Distributed Target Tracking Algorithms in Sensor Networks
  • Communication Constrained Inference
  • NewSense
  • Brief Research Statement
    I am interested in the analysis and design of systems that have the ability to extract some useful information about the status of the "world" surrounding them. The type of systems I have been involved collect measurements from the environment using sensors such as radars, cameras, acoustic and environmental sensors. Inference based upon sensor data involves modelling the evolution of the "world", the sensing system as well as the sensors and updating these models as new measurements arrive using theoretical frameworks including dynamical systems theory, theory of probability and computational statistics.
    I am particularly interested in problem settings which challenge the conventional approaches in terms of scalability and resource awareness thereby necessitating a paradigm shift. I work on decentralized and collaborative (in-network) processing in order to address challenges in communication and energy constrained scalable multi-sensor processing: I have been developing message passing algorithms for statistical inference and multi-objective resource optimisation.
    My research objective is to contribute to the understanding of and methodology for investigating large scale multi-agent cybernetic systems.
    The fields of study I am interested in are:
  • Statistical signal and information processing and data fusion; Bayesian and Monte Carlo methods, probabilistic graphical models, point processes, scalable/approximate statistical inference and machine learning,
  • Collaborative processing in distributed problem settings, communication constrained detection and estimation; applications motivated by sensor networks including target tracking,
  • Signal processing theory, sparse signal representations and semi-parametric estimation, decompositions and optimisation.
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